My Time

måndag 19 april 2010


I always get amazed how fantastic SL is. A lot of possibilites with all the amazing oportunities we do have. Also there is a fact that communication possibilites are limited, you can hide behind your avatars and it is also difficult sometimes to see behind the avatars. This makes some things complicated and gives room for Assumptions. Assumptions on both directions..Good and bad. Some people always assume the worst and others are very vournable since they dont hide and in an honest way show their feelings. They keep their door open and show who they are. To talk about things and dare to show what you feel is a strenght that not eveybody have. Hopefully we all will mature and reach that level of honesty and openess. Assumptions will always be there and also the worst kinds. As long as you as a person know who you are and feel proud of who you are and how you behave, then there isnt a lot of thee assumptions that really can hurt you. You would think that atleast. Still you get a little sad, if you are not made of steel. Assumptions are not flattering to anybody. There is an American saying I think tells it all. "When you ass-u-me, then you make an ass of both me an you". The worst thing and what hits me is how easy it is to assume. It so easy to get hurt, be hurt, get stuck in unnecessary conflicts du to assumptions.
I am happy about my SL since I know I have some really good friends. Friends that I can talk with and that dont assume. They are really interested in who you are and how you behave. If there is something that they dont understand, they ask. And then they get an honest answer and then they trust that information/feedback. Communication is the key to everything and specially in SL. I am very lucky to have these friends and they are amazing people. This is a great thing about SL, thet I would never have met them If I wasnt here.
How should we value other people to be better humans all together. We should value other people by always tying to think the best..not the worst. I really do think that most of us are good human beings with the best of intentions. Sometimes communications go wrong. Sometimes we see things, dont get all information necessary and think the worst. This doesnt bring the right value to anybody.
We have had some turbulence here in our Swedish SL and I there are smart and observant people here that do good things. VALUE...I think that is what Tina "Petgirl" Bergman is trying to bring to our Swedish SL. I think that it is very observant to see the needs in a community and it all falls back into these basic human behaviours and the need of commnication and understanding. If all info is on the table and we all can se clear, then things dont get so complicated and so messy. Then we should be able to solve the issues and get along real fine... ;-)

Thx for reading