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torsdag 15 april 2010

Smarter in SL ?

Heard on the swedish RADIO.

According to resurch then the taller you are the smarter and better wages you get.

In SL we are all very much taller than in RL. I am way over 2 meters.This should then mean that we are much smarter in here than in RL. hmm could that be the reason that we find more to argue about ? Just makes me wonder, when I read all our bloggs. I was hoping that getting smarter should give us a broader mind and then we should get better in avoiding conflicts.

Hmm I might be wrong there...*LOL*

Thx for reading

onsdag 14 april 2010

Home sweet home ;-)

SL always puzzles me..and its weard, how having a home in SL makes a difference. Thought about not having a home. Noticed that I couldnt set home any place. Missed the shortcut home..You feel homeless and everything gets complicated, so I decided to fix the problem. So I got a new home in Haven.
Just fixed and moved in toNight..and got amazed of the cozy feeling. I feel real good having my own place. Its amazing in SL how that feeling can get to you.
How about that. *smiles*

A Happy

tisdag 13 april 2010

SL and drama

I was just dragged through a very unpleasent and very weard experience. One of our most distinguised SIM owners approached me yesterday. I was attending an event last week, and this person came at me with an aqusitation that I didnt behave well and had offended some of this persons guests ? Naturally I didnt rememeber having done anything like that. Well I gave feedback that I didnt remember anything of this sort and never have had any intention of harming anyone in that place. Someitmes My jokes might go bad but I had no memory of this at that event. This person didnt apologise for the aqusiation. So It felt a little weard, So naturally earlier today I checked with some people and obviously nobody had seen or heard me do anything wrong at the event. So happy about this I went back and told this person about my findings. This person got very upset and got very mad. I tried to keep my calm and managed to leave without any bigger problems. Later this person took me away from the friendlist and well that would have been OK in my book. But then suddenly, after taking me away, the person started with the most vulgar language through IM. As I am not interested in this or any unecessary kind of "drama" in SL I simply just Muted, as I wasnt even remotely interested in being more insulted and not even qurious of where this would go. Felt good..Puh.

Still this is the kind of strange and weard behavioure that happens in SL. There you stand and do not understand anything. The communication patterns in SL are very limited. It is sad but in these cases the Mute function is very useful.Still when you are a human being with feelings then you sit her puzzled, in the middle of the night and not able to sleep. Its strange and weard how people that you dont spend time with and rarely can find such hate and bad language. I cant in my wildest phantasies see what I could have done to make this kind of behavioure justified. Hopefully it was just a bad day for someone. Hopefully there will be a short message about that and an apology. I always have hope for people and that they know how to behave and solve mistakes that happen. That is still OK i my book.

Hopeing for a happy ending