My Time

torsdag 8 april 2010

My Friend Ikaros - The DJ

How about that...I have this friend..his name is somtimes IKEAros haha... but actually it is Ikaros. He is one of the nicest and kindest people I know. He is an excellent DJ. Well thats what I think and many more, but he doesnt. So then I have to point out that he actually is and he has an excellent taste for music.I also think that he Loves being a DJ so I hope that he will get a lot of offers to be a DJ so he can do what he Loves.

So why is he good ? Well he has an feeling for the people and plays what he thinks the crowd needs. If there is romance going on then he supports that immediately when he spots it. He is the master of V3 Theres comes slow and Lovely song, when you need it the most ;-). He remembers what people like so the tries to get each one atleast one song that they Love... I did loose a song from way back in the past and then he kinda by accident played it an I am very grateful. Here it is the SONG

Hope he finds his way back to be a DJ. I will keep my eyes open and come to any place where he plays.


onsdag 7 april 2010

Who can I trust if not my own brain ?

Well we all are human beings and not a single one of us are perfect and flawless. The only thing we can rely on is what we have managed to store in our brains. Whatever we have in there needs to be trusted as the instincts that they give to us. There is an amazing amount of stuff stored in there and there is nothing else that we know of. Some of the stuff give us stronger signals than other. They tend to dominate and the ones that control our feelings seem to be the strongest. Some of us let these feelings come out and we show them as they are. Others have better control of them and the strenght to keep them back.

In SL the thing that shines through our avatars is the stuff that we have in our heads. Doesnt matter how and what we do try to hide, then finally that stuff shines through and we show our selves. Its probably more difficult to not show yourself in RL than in SL. That might be one of the tricky parts of the second Life.

There are strong feelings that shine though:
- Anger is one and that one is hard to control, but we learn everyday we live. Some have more of it than others, depening of our experiences.
- Sorrow is a very strong feeling also. As anger it can hide and with some fuel it takes over and dominates.
- Love. Well thats a Nice and strong one also. Sometimes it is followed by sorrow or even anger. Some are Lucky and stay in the zone :-)

There are a lot of feelings and we all are colored by our past. Hopefully we all can get better and better control of our brains and enjoy the life we live more and more. Sorry to say the process takes try to enjoy the ride...

Carpe Diem

måndag 5 april 2010

The SL feeling...

Just been browsing many of my SL friends blogs... I found several that have had the same feeling that I have had, and lost it for a while. Suddenly you found inspiration again. You need to have "Inspiration" to live SL...its not just a place to drop into :-) It is a 2nd life and it needs to be lived also. Loosing Second Sweden was a hard blow to many and also me. Still miss that place and the place we had where we always felt we had a meeting place and where we always felt at home even if we had our actual "SL homes" somewhere else. Still miss the feeling of Second Sweden....but still feel that I have that feeling virtually inside me. The feeling of "belonging together" is there, strong and we dont need a place to feel it even if it would be Nice.

Think I have found a compromise and SL will still be a part of my life. I will be myself and I will try to be the person that I usual.

Thx for being good friends. I could name a list but you really know who you are. You are many and I hope that you feel that I really do Love you as friends...You are so many talented and good persons in SL and I am proud to have you as my friends. The weard thing is that many of you are still not on my friendlist and many are. I am trying to change that..and get you on that list :-) Some of you were added at easter and some will be added when we stumble into eachother again.

Thx for being there