My Time

lördag 3 april 2010

Crawling back...


Thx Zigadena...for the Nice approach.
I came in toNight and I realized that I missed my SL.
Was great to visit RajRaj again...

Love you Guys...Hugs


söndag 28 mars 2010

SL versus Styxl ?

SL is a place that needs to be defined. I am taking a leave and try to digest what SL really is. I think that you need to be away to get that "Heureka" feeling. SL is the nicest place and it also can be the worst place. There is something there and I need to put my finger on it. I have some theories...I will give you one at the time (from safe distance) and we will see if we find some answers.

SL - the big town ?
Its a little like the big RL town versus the little RL village on the country.
- In the small village in the country you cant hide. Everybody knows everybody and you cant really hide. You are who you are and you cant hide anywhere.
- In the big city you can can live out and be what ever you want. You can live more anonymous. Its a place to hide.

SL gives us all the options and it is up to us how we handle it.

STYXL - The village guy ?
STYXL as such he acts like he lives in the small village and is very clear and careful to show who he is. He is the same RL and SL. That might be right or wrong....maybe you are supposed to be something else in SL ? Maybe total honesty is not what SL is all about...maybe it is supposed to be the big city where you can mind your own business and keep others far away, jus to be safe ? To mix RL and SL as it comes to feelings, maybe is dangerous. Maybe SL really is a game...and STYXL is playing it wrong ? Or maybe it is a part of life...but just the second part of it.

Is there really a need for a second life in your Real Life ? Or is it a game....that you play, just to have fun in RL ?

Thx for reading...
Next theory soon...
Kisses and Huggies