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söndag 31 januari 2010

Faith in people with several identitys..

Alts as they are callled...a second or 3rd Identity ? What is that all about ?

Second Life can be seen in different ways. A playground or just another life ? However you see it there are people in here. We always need to take care of eachother and avoid to hurt people. It is a free world and thats why I write about how i see this alt thing.

I want to have friends in here. I even Love someone ;-) That is part of second life. For Styxl this is just another way of interacting with human beings.There has been a discussion about alts in the Swedish community lately. Several cases of double identities has turned up. We all think different. In my case I am very strict about this. Its all about trust. If someone brakes it with me thats it. Then they can think as they want. It is a tough world in here anyway. People hide behind avatars and it takes time to get to know them and gain trust. Worst thing is that people get hurt. Having another identity next to the one I know, would upset me a lot and have done in the past. It is a matter of trust. Even if I dont worry about being fooled by another identity since I always stand up for my behavioure, then you it still creates a certain "wild west" feeling. Unmaturity and danger.
- Being with someone and having a second identity is the worst case of betrayal I could imagine.
- Being worried for someone that has disapeared and then it turns out that this person is in here and kickin and alive is disturbing. Cause then you worry about this person and think this persons feels so bad about SL, and then it wasnt the case. also betrayal in my eyes. Even if you left your friend (they are not friends anymore) and look for new ones it is a cold way to behave.I dont like tht kind of behaviour at all. That just hurts..
- Stalkers and other sick behaviours needs to be reported to Linden Labs and I really hope that they connect alts with their original and warn then or block them entirely. They can come back as someone else but still this needs to be done. There are rules for both Internet and for Second life there are "Goals for second life" and more strict rules of second life. I always recomend to reportsince Linden Labs can see hopefully see who the Alts really is. There are lawbreakers both in SL and RL so we will never get rid of those.

We are all allowed to be in here but we need to try to take care of eachother and basicly hurting people isnt accepted. Then we can do as I and if I feel that I cant trust someone then I just avoid that person. Thats easiest...

Why do people have alts ?
- Hmm to much time on their hands..;-)
- There are a base of wanting to be anonymous. They have created an alt and want to be someone else. Hmm didnt something go wrong with the other one then ? Please analyse yourself and try to become better. Is there really a need to be someone else ? hmmm we need to learn from life and live with our mistakes. It really doesnt fix it to hide again?
- Cheaters ...well that is obvious not a healthy behaviour.
- Evil people. Well they are in here to-sorry to say --> report
- Unmaturity..hmm probably the most usual reason...
- others that make you need an alt. Hmm then the others have won. Why not stand up and cleane this place up. report also sexual harassment, Ladies. Please do...always. Its up to Linden to warn. One warning can be wrong but several then they see the behavioure and handle that avatar. Hope that helps someone else...

Thx for reading