My Time

söndag 17 januari 2010

Knowing yourself....

We have one life...(well in the current anyway and thats another discussion)

What strikes me is that there is a lot to learn about ourselves, and that you never will learn it all. Its not easy. It is difficult just to handle your own self and the feelings that you have. When meeting someone else, then it gets even more difficult, so it is very important to find that open and honest communication.

Knowing yourself well there are many models to explain what it is all about. One of the keys is probably not to lie to yourself. If you make up lies about yourself inside you, then it is easy to slip in to a mode where you even lie to others. In SL it is more important than in RL to have yourself figured out, since the communication here is made with so low procentage of what we need.

I am impresssed by the ones of you who can keep that "straight" line (Damn-"straight" into the trap again, need to watch out for Dr Ruth ;-) and keep your relations alive in here. there are many of you and I am really impressed by you as human beings. And when we discuss these things and you comment, then I realize that you have it almost figured out. I have to write almost since nobody ever probably will learn it all. Most of all congratulations to knowing yourselves very well, and thereby being able to achieve those long relations in here.

Then relations have their difficulties but then that platform, knowing yourself, will help you and have helped you through different kind of difficulties that turn up in SL and out there In RL. Those you need to solve together...anyhow.

Thx for reading