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måndag 22 november 2010

The world around us...

Stress and focusing on the wrong things can make us miss things:
We tend to put our blinkers on when life starts moving to fast. Se here

Not only not seing and missing the good things in life, is a problem ! We also tend to listen in different ways depending on the mood we are in.So we translate things around us to the things we "want" to see.

Heres an example from me as Styxl. Stress can make us not see Styxl as what he is?:
Styxl is a guy/avatar that doesnt mean no harm to anyone. Still I do have a bad sense of joking and sometimes jokes can be interpreted in many different ways.
If someone knows me then they should really understand that I dont mean no harm.
Sometimes I miss a loop in my thinking and some of the jokes can turn out to become somehow misplaced. Even the sun has its spots and its difficult to be perfect without flaws and "the point of a joke" can be translated as the listener wishes.
If someone dislikes the joker then offcourse its easy to translate a joke to whatever purpose you want ;-)
If you are in a vulnerable mood then they can take jokes in a very bad way. I am the first one to apologise if I do that. Still some people doesnt accept an apology..Thats sad :-(
Still I would say that if you really know Styxl ! The you know that Styxl doesnt want to hurt people and that If thenits all due to a bad sense of humour. Please make 1+1 to 2..and not something else! If you still are in a mood to start a quarrel, then I am not interested. I am interested in reasoning but if I feel that someone really want to create drama..then I bail out. Its not worth the energy, when people are not reasonable and already have made up their mind to be more difficult than necessary.

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  1. Exactly, I agree 100%. Just walk away from those dramaqueens, no point in arguing with them....