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måndag 22 november 2010

RL and SL disease

IN RL people tend to do this "not focused om RL"

In SL we have the IMs that take our focus away. It can also become rude if you havent agreed on how to handle this. Its difficult to stay in focus if you are answering IMs all the time and on the other hand if you dont answer IMs then that also could be rude.

You smart people :-) How do you handle this ?

Look forward to hear your smart ideas/thinking ;-)

9 kommentarer:

  1. True, this is very rude behaviour. My solution is to use an alt with a shorter friendlist on certain occations, when i want to be more private.

    If I get im anyway, when im busy chatting with someone, i try to always tell the person that i got an im and if they can excuse me for a minute.

  2. <no way id use an alt..My most concern is Em who I speak to in skype, if that gets unfocused I just say what im doing..and why.Im Iming too...If i get a lot of ims at the same time
    Ill say, to some, -brb to you im ing to someone, its not like reinventing the pyramids or something ?

  3. Rude or not...I'm ignoring :) You have to focus on what's important to you.

  4. mmm exactly as I thought. We look at it in different ways. Nobody is wrong, just different angles...
    Communication seems to be the key and not assumptions...

  5. -I use "busy" mode when i sail, it´s impossible sail a boat and chat at the same time.
    -If someone realy want something important they call again.

  6. Busy moode! And when I have our RAJ-party..I ignore Im's ;)

    I must have all focus in chat;)

  7. Yes Lena - You need to keep up with me at Raj...
    That is obvious...LOL

  8. well I guess it was wrong of me to answer. After all, im mostly in antoher grid wich is working quite differently.

    My apologies, especially to Zigadena who seems to have taken offence...

  9. I dont think there is any problem with that at all ;-) Every view is valuable to understand matters. We all need input and then there is a freedom to think in the way that each individual brain decides :-) Thank god for that LOL

    Hugs to all of you