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tisdag 21 september 2010

If you cant see yourself ?

It strikes me that the toughest thing to do isnt the furthest away.
To see who you are! To know yourself !
Around us in SL and in RL life, we influence others and we do have people who work hard on influencing others. Still it seems very hard to see who you are yourself.
There are People with strenght and drive who really doesnt see themselves.
Do they Lie on purpose and act to be mean ? No I dont think so...they just simply havent got far enough in their selfimage and got stuck on driving things in a certain way.
Believeing that they do "A GOOD THING" and are good human beings.
I have come to the conclusion in my life that changing these people is a hard thing if they dont want to see how they are and how they affect other people. Its very like an Alcoholic...its very difficult to change them if they dont realize what they are doing themselves.
What I want to say is that they probably dont mean to be mean. Sometimes they even think that they do good things since thei blindspaces are larger than others...

Take care

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  1. Mycket kloka tankar herr Styxl!!

  2. Hmm found this post, better late than never(?) :)

    I think some of these people you talk about here are psychopaths. You cant teach them to function like other people. They dont have empathy. They are more like animals, without the ability to take care of their offspring that is.

    Dont ever take a fight with such a person. They will do everything to destroy you and they are almost impossible to stop.

    So take care.... they are out there

  3. Take care you too...Hugs

  4. Ty, i always land on my paws u know, hugzz :)