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fredag 6 augusti 2010

Successful on the outside - Bad inside ? Waste of Energy !

How come that some people forget the right values in life. They are creative and work hard to show success. Somehow this has made them forget that the lasting values are on the inside and how you behave as a human being. Sweeping stuff under the carpet doesnt give any more value than for the immediate success. Long term success and feeling good, is being a good human and having a clean inside. Being proud of how you are a s an human being and not create success for any value and forget how to be that good person.

How we handle and behave against other people is the important thing. And that we our selves know that we are good or not. If you forget that then success hasnt any value even if you hide behind an avatar in SL and sweep the truth under the carpet. We are all different, we have different backgrounds and we certainly think different. Still I think that we all have a well developed sense of what is right or wrong. Especially if we get both sides of the story. If we have the same facts then we probably KNOW what the "good thing to do" is. Then how we behave thats another story. there can be stress or even foolish pride that makes us do the wrong things. Some people can sweep that bad thing they do/did under the carpet as long as it looks good from the outside. StillI they know that they feel bad inside about it. They use energy to put that bad feeling aside, just so they can live on what the success and temporary boost gives them. Still you can never forget. Its still in there even if you did put that bad thing, you did, away. Use the right energy and take that step. Make it right, it a good investment. Temporarily it takes energy from you, but when you have killed that "bad feeling inside", in the long run you save energy and feel better about yourself. That IS an good investment. Thats what your "inner life" is all about. felling good about yourself from the inside, not trying to look good from the outside.

So take a deep dive into yourself and look at those energy thieves and the "bad things". Go to that person, sort that situation and make it good. You deserve that, to feel good about yourself and not use energy to hide that inside you.

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