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tisdag 10 augusti 2010

Relations from the past ;-)

We all do have a past. We all had relations...
How do you handle old relations and meories from the past ?
Its very easy to remember the good times, even if there also were bad times. Should we go back or should we stay away ? Its easy to miss things from the past. Is that healthy? How should we handle memories?

No easy answers probably. You just have to use your common sense probably. Somethings might be best off just to stay as Nice memories?

If you think a lot about these things then You probably havent gone through it in your mind properly. Maybe you never dealt with it since it did hurt you? So you need to think about what happened and why you're so hung up on it. Why not write a letter to your ex friend (but don't mail it). Say everything you want to say. Then you can do something ceremonial, like ripping the letter into pieces and burning it or throwing it into the waves. You have to think of reasons why you and your ex were not meant to be. Contemplate if you are better off. In some cases, you might have screwed up really badly and you want to remain friends with this person.
Even better (depends on the current status) talk to the person and go through things and get it settled. Its always good to get things cleared.

If you still feel unsettled after some time, maybe you need to reconsider if loosing this person was the right thing to do?

Who knows, but try to just do the right thing :-)

Nice quote -->
"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are."

Hugs from

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