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onsdag 11 augusti 2010

If Today Was Your Last Day ?

If Today Was Your Last Day Nickelback

The text made me think ! Isnt that how to live each Day, as if it was your last day?
hmm what happends to plans ? Well you still can make them cant you? Just dont let them ruin your life, meanwhile.
I think that, that line " Live you life like if today was you last Day" probably mostly means how you treat others and that you dont let "small" things ruin your Day?
Can get complex thinking about it, but still its a Nice way to treat your Day ;-)
Trouble can sometimes tend to grow to BIG inside your head. And when you "suffered those 2bad" things", then you see that you still are alive, and that life actually continues. There are happiness even after those moments, so dont let them get to Big, in your head. Still we are strongeer than we realize, so just keep thinking positivly ;-)and treat others with respect, even in your second life. Even if you hide behind an avatar then its up to you to feel good about yourself. People are good deep inside atleast,so I dont think that anyone actually really wants to be bad to others...

So try to live without the regrets....but dont give away your last dime..LOL

May the good force be with you...

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