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lördag 7 augusti 2010

The coin...

Communication is difficult in RL. As text is only 7% of all the communication needed to avoid misunderstandings, then communication gets even harder in SL. There are and will be many situations that are based on misunderstandings.
Its like a coin. We talk about the same coin. Nobody is wrong but the details are from different sides and then they dont look the same. Still we talk about the same coin. Thats where we need to be patient with eachother and listen in on what facts we are missing. The situation can get totally wrong if it is based on wrong and different input/information.

So be careful in there. Always take the time to try to get all the facts on the table. Try to get the whole value of the coin. Otherwise the Coin is worthless for both sides and we have created an unnecessary conflict situation. Lets be patient with eachother and not haste into assumptions. As the americans say: If you ASS-U-ME, then you make an ASS of both U and ME.


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