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onsdag 2 juni 2010

Lets avoid confilcts in our SL. Lets set good example for the world

Boat to Gaza....????? Puzzles my Brain....
On one hand people who claim nonviolence and try to help or? So do they start beating soldiers in anger, because they are fritghtened or why did they prepare and get ironpipes ? Definitely not non violence action there ??? If you claim NON Violence shouldnt you go all the way ?

- On the other hand soldiers that Board a "non violence" ship and expecting non violence ? --> gets big ironpipe beating and shoots in fear ?? And how stupid to board on International water ? Probably just expecting to have a chat and scare the non violence ships off ? Why on earth do they enter on International water ?

This is a scenario again that isnt to easy to look at , even with a hard effort? Both sides could be wrong or right ? Still how the hell did this happen ? Was it sanctioned by UN or not ? Just say that this is soooo stupid and we claim to be so smart ..we humans...

Makes me sad.....

Still just another example on a conflict situation. How can we avoid those ? Lest start thinking and try to avoid conflict in our small SL...Lets see if we can ? Lets be a good rawmodel !!

Thx for reading

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