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söndag 9 maj 2010

Positive attitude...;-)

My Friends in SL are awsome. They helped me out, to keep the positive attitude I always thought i have. Thx to you all..its great to be part of your second life. Its better to look forward and make the future bright than look backwards. Saw an interview with a former swedish bad boy and boxer, Paolo Roberto. He said soemthing that was smart.
He said: "Look at your life as you were driving your Car. A small rear mirror and a huge window forward. Keep you attitude in that way. The future is the BIG thing and focus on that. Keep all you past in the small mirror since you can regret it and it will not come and hurt you if you have the right attitude" I liked that..that was very insightful.
So keep this Day good stay with "Carpe Diem" and sorry for not having this new swedish awsome song with English Lyrics.

Thx for reading

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