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torsdag 15 april 2010

Smarter in SL ?

Heard on the swedish RADIO.

According to resurch then the taller you are the smarter and better wages you get.

In SL we are all very much taller than in RL. I am way over 2 meters.This should then mean that we are much smarter in here than in RL. hmm could that be the reason that we find more to argue about ? Just makes me wonder, when I read all our bloggs. I was hoping that getting smarter should give us a broader mind and then we should get better in avoiding conflicts.

Hmm I might be wrong there...*LOL*

Thx for reading

8 kommentarer:

  1. haha im 1 cm taller in sl than i rl i refuse to be something im not:)

  2. You refuse to be 1cm smarter ??? LOL

  3. Jag är lika lång i RL som i SL :).. men får alltid höra at jag är liten o pluttig ...

  4. Studies show that ouw avatar lifes actually do affect our real lifes too. In fact, by being taller in SL, we DO gain a little advantage even in RL, just as if we HAD really been taller. And not only that; with a slimmer avatar in SL we actually tend to lose weight in RL.

    And don't ask me to explain it, but I guess we are all affected by a lot of things around us, not the least how we look upon ourselves. And if our SL lives can affect that, then why not?

    We are quite amazing, we humans.

  5. I am 206 cm in Sl ,almost 50 cm s shorter IRL
    I dont feel small IRL except I cant reach things high in store shelfs.Im tall in Sl just b I think it looks good,(not to mention how photos improve with a taller avatar.)
    I know that shy people become less shy after beeing in Sl for a while.So why shouldnt body hight also have an impact.

  6. LOL @ Styxl..grow up dude

  7. Everything is in the eye of the beholder ;-)