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måndag 5 april 2010

The SL feeling...

Just been browsing many of my SL friends blogs... I found several that have had the same feeling that I have had, and lost it for a while. Suddenly you found inspiration again. You need to have "Inspiration" to live SL...its not just a place to drop into :-) It is a 2nd life and it needs to be lived also. Loosing Second Sweden was a hard blow to many and also me. Still miss that place and the place we had where we always felt we had a meeting place and where we always felt at home even if we had our actual "SL homes" somewhere else. Still miss the feeling of Second Sweden....but still feel that I have that feeling virtually inside me. The feeling of "belonging together" is there, strong and we dont need a place to feel it even if it would be Nice.

Think I have found a compromise and SL will still be a part of my life. I will be myself and I will try to be the person that I usual.

Thx for being good friends. I could name a list but you really know who you are. You are many and I hope that you feel that I really do Love you as friends...You are so many talented and good persons in SL and I am proud to have you as my friends. The weard thing is that many of you are still not on my friendlist and many are. I am trying to change that..and get you on that list :-) Some of you were added at easter and some will be added when we stumble into eachother again.

Thx for being there

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