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onsdag 14 april 2010

Home sweet home ;-)

SL always puzzles me..and its weard, how having a home in SL makes a difference. Thought about not having a home. Noticed that I couldnt set home any place. Missed the shortcut home..You feel homeless and everything gets complicated, so I decided to fix the problem. So I got a new home in Haven.
Just fixed and moved in toNight..and got amazed of the cozy feeling. I feel real good having my own place. Its amazing in SL how that feeling can get to you.
How about that. *smiles*

A Happy

4 kommentarer:

  1. True Styxl! I myself dont understand why a pixelhome i so important but it obviously is. I am totally lost now when I dont have my island.... Good u found a new home! I believe Walentine is a really nice landlord so u are lucky =)

  2. Och du är granne med Osha och mig :)

  3. Ja Lensi..det ÄR lycka *S*