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lördag 13 mars 2010

To loose someone...

Love is a powerful thing. It can take us to the highest levels and it can cause so much pain that you dont know how to survive. Abstract forces grabs your heart and squeeses all the energy out of it in a painful way. We are many that have experienced that and everytime you say: Never again. There are different ways of loosing the one you Love. However when it happends,it is the most painful thing ever. For us in Second Life it can be hard to explain to people around us, how this pain sometimes is even stronger than for feelings in RL. When I came into SL I didnt believe in falling in Love in a person behind an graphical 3D avatar.Now I know the oposite and how strong it can be. Sometimes the distance makes it harder and you feel powerless since you have limited tools to express yourself. And then to explain to people "like I was in RL" doesnt get the situation easier. Thats when we need eachother in here. its no game..we are real people behind the avatars. Somepeople behind the avatars are even more beautiful than we could imagine or realize before we got to know them. We need to take care of eachother and support eachother if there isnt enough undertstanding in RL. Probably this is where my "fear" of alts and hiding becomes so strong, since I fear the pain they can cause.

Feelings are difficult to expect how they work. I always feel very bad when relatives die and I hardly feel anything, just being sad. And when my pet dies then you are more sad. And when you loose the one that you Love then your pain is so unbearable that you hardly know how to survive. Its so different how we can handle that.

I am a person behind my avatar that has a hard time falling in Love. That Love that is so hard to find gets really painful just in the fear of loosing it. Loosing Love is probably the worst feeling there is. It cant be measured but my experience is that it is the worst thing that you ever can imagine. I dont know if there are levels in the actual pain from losing in different ways. Loosing someone that you Love never is easy.It takes a long time to recover, atleast for me. Recovery might be the appropriate word since you never loose the actual Love. It will stay in there forever when it was the true kind. just take time to be able to take the edges that hurt off and smooth them out slowly so you can save it as a precious pearl in your heart and then it causes less pain and might bring joy of being able to Love like that, instead of the pain of not having it anymore.

We still have to have the courage to Love and give our heart to someone. As i see it its worth it. What should we do with a world without Love ???

with Love

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  1. I have a hard time trusting people when i can´t read their body language......u never can in Second life.

  2. Love is always worth the pain, Styxl, and as you say the love remains with you!

    To Vesper, what you say is of course true hence you need other strategies. My Ars always said "I do not believe what they say, I believe in what they do. Actions speak louder than words!"

  3. True Bock, very very true... good strategy. I take it with me as a gift from u and Ars