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lördag 16 januari 2010

The Kiss......

Had a adventure yesterday, caused by Puff. Read more about it on Bocks blog ;-) Have to thank Bock and Ars, for being kind and sensible about the whole story and My Love in this life Suteruni for being so understanding. Big hearts and also a very Nice sense of humour helped to sort this out in the best of ways.

To really come out from the closet then I think I need to tell you the whole background story (in short), and that is mostly coming from my RL life. Through the years I have had some experiences with being approached and been "Hit on" from members of the same sex. Last time was on this new years eve actually, in a warm exotic country.
I can understand women being tired of guys hitting on them in a "blunt" way. I have experienced that, and that resulted in starting to using my sense of humour and describing me as having the "Image" of being slightly "homofobic", but more with the definition of "Not having anything against anybody, as long as they leave me alone, as in approaching" ;-) !!

And when "Dr Ruth" was brought into an ambitious mode in this SL world then she obviously couldnt read between the lines and understand the state of me knowing and knowing me and started her very hillarious research. This research ended up in the Nice story that you can read all about on Bocks Blog...

hmm that maybe gave the theme on my next Bloging --> "knowing yourself...."
Thx for reading

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  1. Styxl, it was so fun and you were such a good sport!

    I am now trying to come up with a reason to kiss you again - sooon!!