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måndag 30 november 2009

Knowing me - knowing you ?

First impression lasts....and then there was LOVE :-)

How to keep it floating then. First we agreed (?) that to Love someone you need to know and Love yourself. Then what Well knowing the object of your feelings , probably would be useful.
How do we do that in SL ?

Communication: Talk, talk, talk and get to know each other. Straight forward and honest opinions and not just say things that you think your Loved one want to hear. You need to have confidence or just be "kamikaze"...either way the result of not being yourself is probably.. that awful pain and hurt from loosing the Love...

Respect: Show eachother respect. Nothing else than common sense.

Be smart: If you really care make sure that you can reach each other in emergencies. Atleast opportunity to send e-mail though an forwarding SL mail to your sharp e-mail...I have seen how the lack of communication when someone doesnt turn up, hurts people near me.

Honesty: Here we have a source of bad SL relations...I think that being anonymous and not being straight forward is the worst version of a SL relation. Its even worse if both falls in Love and the realtions ends because someone did lie and then couldnt back out from the lies.

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NOTE: Assholes --> They are everywhere...just try to be honest to your friends and give them the warning...even if Love is blind then it is honest and fair to tell, when you a asshole smell LOL

söndag 29 november 2009

Is Love an illusion.....

or is it real...

Is it so real that it scares people....
What is so dangerous about Love , about commitment between 2 people ?

Is the search for Love such a exciting game, that when you succeed to "make it", then you have an urge to do the next pursuit...Is that what happends to people... Why is Love so wonderful for some people and at the same time so scary to others. Is there a fright of being hurt...Is there a need for Love as something very abstract, so you can dream of it instead of really want to take care of it..?

Why does Love hurt so much when it doesnt work. Well if it is so wonderful when it works, why shouldnt it hurt when it fails. It seems to tear big scars in that they are afraid of it the next time they meet it. The wounds seem to get more real the closer you get to the actual Love. Do we get selfdestructive cause we are afraid ? And when you get scared..Is that when you try desperately to find any reason to make it fail ?

What is this game called Love ? Is there a small number of winners and mostly loosers ? Like a pyramid game ? This Lovegame -- what is the definitions on this game ? There doesnt seem to be many winners...just a few !! Those Lucky bastards....:-)

Text is only 7% of the communication that we need to there is room for many misunderstandings in SL... How much help do we get from the animated avatars...
mm they only send prefabricated this probably doesnt help much...
They are beautiful and Lovely...and dangerously sexy.... Is that why the cycles get so short in seems like a month in SL is like a year in RL.

So Love i SL is very strong and with very fast cycles...The "speed" of it is fantastic...and when the short buzz is over then it hurts as much as in RL.

Hope we are getting closer to real answer e=mxc2 or something....and how do we heal..whats the medicine ? Cause Love can hurt.....

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