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lördag 21 november 2009

To "meet" somebody !!

  • Longing for someone...
  • Wanting someone in your life...
  • Being hungry for Love..
  • OK Horny needs to be in there also..LOL
and so on...

All these things make you preprogrammed and really keen on finding someone. This means "danger"....How is your mind set when you meet someone...?? Well probably very susceptible for any kind of charm, good looks and sexiness. And put our hands on our hearts. Isnt that very easy to create in SL ?

hmm so to avoid this then you need to get the right approach !!

A very good friend of mine pointed out an excellent way of thinking. Instead of being desperate or anxious (by the above reasons), in getting someone into your life or getting into someone elses life, then a good approach would be to set your mind into just meeting people.
Meet them, their mind and then just be what you are and what the other person is, without trying to much. Then cmmunicate and find out who the other person is and give them the information necessary to understand who you are (really are).
This should create an environment where either Love could occur or not... Probably this approach needs somekind of maturing inside or mind control. Hopefully this opens the mind and helps you find the right reasons for not only meeting people, but also finding out if there is space for Love or not.

So Styxl is in meditation, to get into the right control mode...LOL

Thx for reading