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lördag 24 oktober 2009

The first to Love ?

Love and Pain. Ouch how can we avoid that...? Probably not...but lets keep the item open..LOL
The key to happiness, probably is that you really, really are ready for LOVE, when it turns up.
The the first important key is to Love yourself and be satisfied with the
life that you live...

So when out of Love then t be the most important thing to create a path to happiness, with starting to Love yourself and who you are ?

You need to be you ! "You who are afraid to be you"

LOVE yourself is important. They say that "You cant Love anybody else before you Love yourself". So the first to Love is YOU !!!

Relations based on anything else probably will cause the pain we have been talking about.
Its getting complicated...(Probably I should stick to Golf LOL) and you need to be in the "Zone" to REALLY make it work ? Ouch..endless happiness seems complicated Ouch..that also hurts to realize. Really a lot of stuff that have to work..

Lets see:
- You need to be ready with yourself and Love YOU...
- You need to find someone that also is ready and Loves herself/himself
- Both need to do as in Poker " All in" and still with somekind of relaxed attitude. (Difficult if you were not happy with you life before the Love)
- You need to have mutual trust and understanding - So important is to Communicate. Really communicate with trust and honesty. So if there are "Firewalls" then we are bound to fail ?
- Your friends needs to accept and help out (otherwize ? ..hmm bah screw them -LOL-)
- Compromising - probably is vital ? (2 people are not cut and pasted to fit eachother 100% and definitely they havent lived their lifes to be perfect matches)

OOOH ther are more ? HEEELP.....friends lets see where this list ends ? Styxl need your comments.

Wow it looks complicated and if the basis for the relationship isnt there then we will suffer the pain and all the other stuff we have been talking about.

Thx for all Nice Comments and feedback...I am not afraid to be me...You can be sure of that folks. So this is probably why I have the guts to make a fool out of me..LOL and blogg about LOVE and feelings...
THX 4 Readin and being active.. (Even in English)

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

YES ! It hurts so good!

Love shouldnt hurt...was the obvious and right thing to say... I thought.
Then Apmel interfeared with "YES! It hurts so good! that the key ? Its so wonderful and painful at the same time...
Where does the pain come from?

Some ideas ?
- You long for Love and you grasp it in desperation when it even just shows the tip of its nose. You want it so much, since you have longed for so long ? It kinda can be hurtful a wonderful way ? or....
- Two people meet and they Love eachother...So where is the Hurt ? Normal lovely Love between two people that communicate and understand eachother. They have plans and they really do compromise..hmm No hurting there or is there ? (My vote here)
- You Love someone that is unreachable...Then it hurts to try and try and the only thing you get, is to be used as an object...??? Off course that hurts :-( There is no respect, so this is not mutual Love..This is the kind that really hurts bad.
- Ouch being used and abused...How come you stay ? Love is strange...or is Love easy but humans strange ? hmmmm I actually dont know...Probably a kombination ?
- Loving someone that doesnt respond...Ouch..Off course this hurts...This is the mind..this is a need...this is not a two way thing just "wanting someone" ..Is that just egoistic... if the other doesnt feel the same...How do we define, the need to have ?

Obvious is that there are different pains... Very few acceptable and others should be banned.

So still...Love shouldnt hurt, but if it hurts in a good way...then just go for it - LOL


söndag 18 oktober 2009

Follow your heart ?

Realism and feelings, are they compatible ? Should you ever consider to be realistic about your feelings or have feelings that doesnt follow your realistic thoughts ?

Tricky tricky tricky question..
..probably we need to break it down a little to make it feasable to grasp in a understandable way. Well in a theoretical way atleast. I have given up being able to handle those matters in a controled way in RL (reality) and SL..(in there).

Lets brake it down into smaller pieces as a Q and A

Q: Should we ever create relations without feelings - A: Noway then leave SL and go to work instead.

Q: Should we end feelings just cause the realistic analysis tells us to not continue...hmmm ? A: Well If you have difficulties falling in Love then this is probably very very difficult. Hmm I say that you probably atleast need to try but be aware and careful or what ?

Q: Can we Leave someone that we Love just based on realistic thoughts - A: Well Sometimes we should but it is very difficult....cause the heart beats the brain 99 times (or so) out of 100. Maybe after some painful experiences there is a way to make the balance more realistic, but not when Love works and others just advice you.

Q: Can Love hurt ? A: I am definitely sure.OK if 2 people Love eachother and there is circumstances that part them then it might hurt (Romeo And Juliette), but if 2 people Love eachother and take care of eachother with healthy Love and without any tragic circumstances then Love should only create Joy. I am sure about this....if there is a balance and you talk and communicate with eachother then Love will triumph.

Q: How do I handle tragic ciscumstances when I am in Love A: hmmm beats me....

Q: Others talk make you leav your Love? A: Auch, ask your BeLoved instead...just make sure if he/she tells you the truth or not...

Please share you thoughts ..maybe we discover somekind of truth ?

THX 4 reading