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måndag 28 december 2009

Love is Blind ?

How come everything is fluffy and colored "pink" when you are i Love..

Your friends ...that are supposed to be your friends, cant tell you anything when you are in Love. Love makes you blind or ? When a guy is an asshole and as a friend you try to help out by telling. But then nobody can tell you that that is the fact,,,Is that because Love is blind...How much shock is there to realise that, even if your friends told you that thats is a fact. Is that because Love is blind ? When the fact occur , then it hurts..Off course !!

How come your brain puts the blindfolds there...even if you are supposed to be very smart...somehow there is a chemical block..;-)

mm Sorry about not posting so much lately...I will be better..I kinda got tangeld deep Resurch LOL

Mm is good to know what you are talking about I think..LOL

Ill be back soon

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