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lördag 28 november 2009

Love - Is strange

When you expect it the least it just pops up and hits you in the face....and the feeling after being slapped is just overwhelms you, doesnt it ?

You fantasize about how Love feels when you dont have it...but when it gets in your way...then its like you never had it before and yet still a very familiar feeling. You dont need to fantasize about it anymore.

When it hits you you want to describe it....But you cant...cause your brain cant grasp it and get meaningful explanations of what is happening cant be done cause they are gone. Its just there and it feels wonderful..You inner you just sings and feels happy, with just being in Love.

Normally you need to plan and create things to do...have fun and friends around you. The moment you fall in Love, then that isnt important. You are just happy being with the object of your feelings... It kinda feels a little silly if you think about it...But still it feels great and you dont care.

Just sitting and holding the object of your feelings and three hours later you probably should think "what the hell are we doing" and you dont... You just smile stupidly and grin..and feel...Oooohhh GREEEAT.

hmm to try to think and explain what LOVE is..It is something that people always tried to explain as something far out and very advanced, and yet it is so simple and just something nice that it isnt even worth trying to describe..cause when it is there it is there, and then it doesnt really need any explanations.

Love both is logical and isnt....Love just is...what it is....

hmm does this make sense or have i just lost it totally ?

Thx for reading...

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