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söndag 8 november 2009

How to feel good ?

Life is complex and its not eternal. We might as well try to enjoy every day of it ?
And also to be able to Love someone else we probably need to feel good ourselves first.
So with respect to our self and to others, then we should be very egoistic and try to
find the balance and enjoy every day of our lives.
I think it is important to be little bit egoistic to be able to be relaxed within and be able to avoid stress just by not being to helpful all the time.
Just the other day I met a very charming person., though very troubled. No space for Love , No space for anythïng else than the eager to help others and to be over-ambitious in her work.
No room for anythong else than this in her life..cause anything else put on top of her burden made her stressed. So sad - No room for Love ...
When she told me about this then, she made it sound like she had a curse...and she didnt realise the fact that this was something that she did to herself...
She didnt have the ability to be egoistic..enough to take care of her own life...

mmm also made me sad...

I think I did learn something from this...I hope yuo do as well


1 kommentar:

  1. Been there done that!
    Och nu blir det fortsättning på svenska :)
    Vad jag upptäckte när jag väl kom ut ur detta, var att det inte alls handlade om att inte hinna, att se till andra mer än mig själv, att vara rädd utan att jag ansåg mig inte vara värd det.
    Because your'e worth it! Det är rätta sättet att angripa tror jag i alla fall.
    För kärlek och bekräftelse måste vi ha!