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tisdag 20 oktober 2009

YES ! It hurts so good!

Love shouldnt hurt...was the obvious and right thing to say... I thought.
Then Apmel interfeared with "YES! It hurts so good! that the key ? Its so wonderful and painful at the same time...
Where does the pain come from?

Some ideas ?
- You long for Love and you grasp it in desperation when it even just shows the tip of its nose. You want it so much, since you have longed for so long ? It kinda can be hurtful a wonderful way ? or....
- Two people meet and they Love eachother...So where is the Hurt ? Normal lovely Love between two people that communicate and understand eachother. They have plans and they really do compromise..hmm No hurting there or is there ? (My vote here)
- You Love someone that is unreachable...Then it hurts to try and try and the only thing you get, is to be used as an object...??? Off course that hurts :-( There is no respect, so this is not mutual Love..This is the kind that really hurts bad.
- Ouch being used and abused...How come you stay ? Love is strange...or is Love easy but humans strange ? hmmmm I actually dont know...Probably a kombination ?
- Loving someone that doesnt respond...Ouch..Off course this hurts...This is the mind..this is a need...this is not a two way thing just "wanting someone" ..Is that just egoistic... if the other doesnt feel the same...How do we define, the need to have ?

Obvious is that there are different pains... Very few acceptable and others should be banned.

So still...Love shouldnt hurt, but if it hurts in a good way...then just go for it - LOL


7 kommentarer:

  1. Hmm.. Love is not reasonable, then it is companionship not Love ??

  2. I admire u Styxl to have the courage, as a man, to write about feelings. I have always wanted to hear "the other side of the story" =)

  3. Love shouldn't hurt! If it does it's a one way love...and is that something we really want?
    I think sometimes we seek love so desperatly that we think we have found it when there really wasn't one. And that hurts!

    Thank you for bringing up these subjects! It's interesting and at least it makes ME think. Now we just want more posts :)

  4. Love do hurt, but mostly it does not..
    But just the wrong words in a wrong situation..
    You made yourself vulnerable to another person ..And maybe it should be like that to be love and not just comfort ..

  5. *fnissar* vilken rolig blogg, stöx! Vet inte om det är nån annan blogg som får svenskar att så seriöst och distanslöst diskutera på engelska ^^ underbart
    Fortsätt så!

  6. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  7. Wow, a new blog! A man's blog! A man talking about feelings on his blog! And not about just any feeling but about 'Love'. I love it and it doesn't hurt;-)

    And I think true love never hurts, it only does when you can't be with that other person when you want to be:-)

    Congrats with your blog Styxl:-)