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fredag 9 oktober 2009

Feelings in Second Life

Be careful out there..or in there maybe ?
I mean in SL (Second Life) off course - where feelings get bigger than you would expect.

When STYXL entered the SL world, he met other avatars that had fallen in LOVE.
Fallen in LOVE inside SL ? What ?
STYXL only saw graphicallly created avatars and that felt
quite "clinical" at the beginning. Bah fall in LOve with an avatar ? No way...
(Avatar Selma Edman can give feedback on his quite obstinate approach)

Soon he realized that avatars has real human beings behind the graphical creation that moves around in SL. Normal scientists explain that the written words in a chat only gives you around 7% of the communication necessary. OK then you add voice in some cases, but still you dont have the real bodylanguage to get the right connection to. And still people fall in Love..really in Love. STYXL can admit that somehow feelings get strong an intensive inside SL.

Whats the explanation to this ? Well what is the explanation ?
What Could it be:
- Avatars tend to be beautiful and look very sexxy so there are no flaws to get annoyed at.
- Bodylanguage can be quite charming with very advancead AOs that make your beautiful avatar to move as you wish.
- The SL experience is very exciting with fantastic SIMs and adventures. Not the ordinary daily RL (Real Life) experience in a routine manner. Its easy to get carried away....
- There is a direct connection..You are both in SL and this is a connection that matters..a mutual interest. Also bonding since it is probably not public that you are in there...making out LOL

Somehow this boosts feelings and you get very fast developments and much shorter and intensive time cycles than in RL.

Still, the end to this short story is that it is probably the same things that kill relations in SL as in RL. The same humans behind and the same reasons...just that it gets much more intens and faster cycles...

Be careful in there...


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  1. Tell me all about it!
    Jag hade skrattat rumpan av mig om någon sagt att jag skulle bli kär i SL.
    Känner att jag skulle vilja utveckla det här, men gör det nog på min egen blogg tror jag. Och du...återkom gärna med fler funderingar i ämnet. Det är spännande!