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måndag 28 december 2009

Love is Blind ?

How come everything is fluffy and colored "pink" when you are i Love..

Your friends ...that are supposed to be your friends, cant tell you anything when you are in Love. Love makes you blind or ? When a guy is an asshole and as a friend you try to help out by telling. But then nobody can tell you that that is the fact,,,Is that because Love is blind...How much shock is there to realise that, even if your friends told you that thats is a fact. Is that because Love is blind ? When the fact occur , then it hurts..Off course !!

How come your brain puts the blindfolds there...even if you are supposed to be very smart...somehow there is a chemical block..;-)

mm Sorry about not posting so much lately...I will be better..I kinda got tangeld deep Resurch LOL

Mm is good to know what you are talking about I think..LOL

Ill be back soon

måndag 30 november 2009

Knowing me - knowing you ?

First impression lasts....and then there was LOVE :-)

How to keep it floating then. First we agreed (?) that to Love someone you need to know and Love yourself. Then what Well knowing the object of your feelings , probably would be useful.
How do we do that in SL ?

Communication: Talk, talk, talk and get to know each other. Straight forward and honest opinions and not just say things that you think your Loved one want to hear. You need to have confidence or just be "kamikaze"...either way the result of not being yourself is probably.. that awful pain and hurt from loosing the Love...

Respect: Show eachother respect. Nothing else than common sense.

Be smart: If you really care make sure that you can reach each other in emergencies. Atleast opportunity to send e-mail though an forwarding SL mail to your sharp e-mail...I have seen how the lack of communication when someone doesnt turn up, hurts people near me.

Honesty: Here we have a source of bad SL relations...I think that being anonymous and not being straight forward is the worst version of a SL relation. Its even worse if both falls in Love and the realtions ends because someone did lie and then couldnt back out from the lies.

Thx 4 reading

NOTE: Assholes --> They are everywhere...just try to be honest to your friends and give them the warning...even if Love is blind then it is honest and fair to tell, when you a asshole smell LOL

söndag 29 november 2009

Is Love an illusion.....

or is it real...

Is it so real that it scares people....
What is so dangerous about Love , about commitment between 2 people ?

Is the search for Love such a exciting game, that when you succeed to "make it", then you have an urge to do the next pursuit...Is that what happends to people... Why is Love so wonderful for some people and at the same time so scary to others. Is there a fright of being hurt...Is there a need for Love as something very abstract, so you can dream of it instead of really want to take care of it..?

Why does Love hurt so much when it doesnt work. Well if it is so wonderful when it works, why shouldnt it hurt when it fails. It seems to tear big scars in that they are afraid of it the next time they meet it. The wounds seem to get more real the closer you get to the actual Love. Do we get selfdestructive cause we are afraid ? And when you get scared..Is that when you try desperately to find any reason to make it fail ?

What is this game called Love ? Is there a small number of winners and mostly loosers ? Like a pyramid game ? This Lovegame -- what is the definitions on this game ? There doesnt seem to be many winners...just a few !! Those Lucky bastards....:-)

Text is only 7% of the communication that we need to there is room for many misunderstandings in SL... How much help do we get from the animated avatars...
mm they only send prefabricated this probably doesnt help much...
They are beautiful and Lovely...and dangerously sexy.... Is that why the cycles get so short in seems like a month in SL is like a year in RL.

So Love i SL is very strong and with very fast cycles...The "speed" of it is fantastic...and when the short buzz is over then it hurts as much as in RL.

Hope we are getting closer to real answer e=mxc2 or something....and how do we heal..whats the medicine ? Cause Love can hurt.....

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lördag 28 november 2009

Love - Is strange

When you expect it the least it just pops up and hits you in the face....and the feeling after being slapped is just overwhelms you, doesnt it ?

You fantasize about how Love feels when you dont have it...but when it gets in your way...then its like you never had it before and yet still a very familiar feeling. You dont need to fantasize about it anymore.

When it hits you you want to describe it....But you cant...cause your brain cant grasp it and get meaningful explanations of what is happening cant be done cause they are gone. Its just there and it feels wonderful..You inner you just sings and feels happy, with just being in Love.

Normally you need to plan and create things to do...have fun and friends around you. The moment you fall in Love, then that isnt important. You are just happy being with the object of your feelings... It kinda feels a little silly if you think about it...But still it feels great and you dont care.

Just sitting and holding the object of your feelings and three hours later you probably should think "what the hell are we doing" and you dont... You just smile stupidly and grin..and feel...Oooohhh GREEEAT.

hmm to try to think and explain what LOVE is..It is something that people always tried to explain as something far out and very advanced, and yet it is so simple and just something nice that it isnt even worth trying to describe..cause when it is there it is there, and then it doesnt really need any explanations.

Love both is logical and isnt....Love just is...what it is....

hmm does this make sense or have i just lost it totally ?

Thx for reading...

tisdag 24 november 2009

Attraction to a friend ?

hmm seems to be a hot topic...LOL

Off course you should Love your friends, but can you really be attracted of a friend and stay a friend. --> Yes off course...hmm OK but are you really allowed to be attracted of a friend --> Yes off course..

Well then the rest is probably tied to how you work as an person and the interaction between you and your friend. Probably you decided to be friend...or friends if both agreed ;-) Then you still can feel that attraction (and be proud of your friend) but you dont take any further steps, since your mind is set on friendship...and you should be OK with that ?

Isnt that how it works..Or how it should work. A mindset ?

As humans we are probably attracted to many people we meet, but there should be a instinct not to act just enjoy the feeling and especially if you are committed to and Love someone special. To be a mature human being should mean that you have somekind of control of yourself and also are mature enough to not just hunt everybody for confirmation ? If you have someone special then you need to respect that Love as earlier been blogged about here in Styxls blog.

hmm probably time to leave the Love theme...or ? Are you gettin bored ?

Thx 4 readin

Interpersonal attraction is the attraction between people which leads to friendships and romantic relationships. The study of interpersonal attraction is a major area of research in social psychology. Interpersonal attraction is related to how much we like, love, dislike, or hate someone. It can be viewed as a force acting between two people that tends to draw them together and resist their separation. When measuring interpersonal attraction, one must refer to the qualities of the attracted as well as the qualities of the attractor to achieve predictive accuracy. It is suggested that to determine attraction, personality and situation must be taken into account. Repulsion is also a factor in the process of interpersonal attraction, one's conception of "attraction" to another can vary from extreme attraction to extreme repulsion

lördag 21 november 2009

To "meet" somebody !!

  • Longing for someone...
  • Wanting someone in your life...
  • Being hungry for Love..
  • OK Horny needs to be in there also..LOL
and so on...

All these things make you preprogrammed and really keen on finding someone. This means "danger"....How is your mind set when you meet someone...?? Well probably very susceptible for any kind of charm, good looks and sexiness. And put our hands on our hearts. Isnt that very easy to create in SL ?

hmm so to avoid this then you need to get the right approach !!

A very good friend of mine pointed out an excellent way of thinking. Instead of being desperate or anxious (by the above reasons), in getting someone into your life or getting into someone elses life, then a good approach would be to set your mind into just meeting people.
Meet them, their mind and then just be what you are and what the other person is, without trying to much. Then cmmunicate and find out who the other person is and give them the information necessary to understand who you are (really are).
This should create an environment where either Love could occur or not... Probably this approach needs somekind of maturing inside or mind control. Hopefully this opens the mind and helps you find the right reasons for not only meeting people, but also finding out if there is space for Love or not.

So Styxl is in meditation, to get into the right control mode...LOL

Thx for reading


söndag 8 november 2009

How to feel good ?

Life is complex and its not eternal. We might as well try to enjoy every day of it ?
And also to be able to Love someone else we probably need to feel good ourselves first.
So with respect to our self and to others, then we should be very egoistic and try to
find the balance and enjoy every day of our lives.
I think it is important to be little bit egoistic to be able to be relaxed within and be able to avoid stress just by not being to helpful all the time.
Just the other day I met a very charming person., though very troubled. No space for Love , No space for anythïng else than the eager to help others and to be over-ambitious in her work.
No room for anythong else than this in her life..cause anything else put on top of her burden made her stressed. So sad - No room for Love ...
When she told me about this then, she made it sound like she had a curse...and she didnt realise the fact that this was something that she did to herself...
She didnt have the ability to be egoistic..enough to take care of her own life...

mmm also made me sad...

I think I did learn something from this...I hope yuo do as well


söndag 25 oktober 2009

Straight from the hearth of a young girl

a song or whatever about Love
Thats - I think its enough :-)

lördag 24 oktober 2009

The first to Love ?

Love and Pain. Ouch how can we avoid that...? Probably not...but lets keep the item open..LOL
The key to happiness, probably is that you really, really are ready for LOVE, when it turns up.
The the first important key is to Love yourself and be satisfied with the
life that you live...

So when out of Love then t be the most important thing to create a path to happiness, with starting to Love yourself and who you are ?

You need to be you ! "You who are afraid to be you"

LOVE yourself is important. They say that "You cant Love anybody else before you Love yourself". So the first to Love is YOU !!!

Relations based on anything else probably will cause the pain we have been talking about.
Its getting complicated...(Probably I should stick to Golf LOL) and you need to be in the "Zone" to REALLY make it work ? Ouch..endless happiness seems complicated Ouch..that also hurts to realize. Really a lot of stuff that have to work..

Lets see:
- You need to be ready with yourself and Love YOU...
- You need to find someone that also is ready and Loves herself/himself
- Both need to do as in Poker " All in" and still with somekind of relaxed attitude. (Difficult if you were not happy with you life before the Love)
- You need to have mutual trust and understanding - So important is to Communicate. Really communicate with trust and honesty. So if there are "Firewalls" then we are bound to fail ?
- Your friends needs to accept and help out (otherwize ? ..hmm bah screw them -LOL-)
- Compromising - probably is vital ? (2 people are not cut and pasted to fit eachother 100% and definitely they havent lived their lifes to be perfect matches)

OOOH ther are more ? HEEELP.....friends lets see where this list ends ? Styxl need your comments.

Wow it looks complicated and if the basis for the relationship isnt there then we will suffer the pain and all the other stuff we have been talking about.

Thx for all Nice Comments and feedback...I am not afraid to be me...You can be sure of that folks. So this is probably why I have the guts to make a fool out of me..LOL and blogg about LOVE and feelings...
THX 4 Readin and being active.. (Even in English)

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

YES ! It hurts so good!

Love shouldnt hurt...was the obvious and right thing to say... I thought.
Then Apmel interfeared with "YES! It hurts so good! that the key ? Its so wonderful and painful at the same time...
Where does the pain come from?

Some ideas ?
- You long for Love and you grasp it in desperation when it even just shows the tip of its nose. You want it so much, since you have longed for so long ? It kinda can be hurtful a wonderful way ? or....
- Two people meet and they Love eachother...So where is the Hurt ? Normal lovely Love between two people that communicate and understand eachother. They have plans and they really do compromise..hmm No hurting there or is there ? (My vote here)
- You Love someone that is unreachable...Then it hurts to try and try and the only thing you get, is to be used as an object...??? Off course that hurts :-( There is no respect, so this is not mutual Love..This is the kind that really hurts bad.
- Ouch being used and abused...How come you stay ? Love is strange...or is Love easy but humans strange ? hmmmm I actually dont know...Probably a kombination ?
- Loving someone that doesnt respond...Ouch..Off course this hurts...This is the mind..this is a need...this is not a two way thing just "wanting someone" ..Is that just egoistic... if the other doesnt feel the same...How do we define, the need to have ?

Obvious is that there are different pains... Very few acceptable and others should be banned.

So still...Love shouldnt hurt, but if it hurts in a good way...then just go for it - LOL


söndag 18 oktober 2009

Follow your heart ?

Realism and feelings, are they compatible ? Should you ever consider to be realistic about your feelings or have feelings that doesnt follow your realistic thoughts ?

Tricky tricky tricky question..
..probably we need to break it down a little to make it feasable to grasp in a understandable way. Well in a theoretical way atleast. I have given up being able to handle those matters in a controled way in RL (reality) and SL..(in there).

Lets brake it down into smaller pieces as a Q and A

Q: Should we ever create relations without feelings - A: Noway then leave SL and go to work instead.

Q: Should we end feelings just cause the realistic analysis tells us to not continue...hmmm ? A: Well If you have difficulties falling in Love then this is probably very very difficult. Hmm I say that you probably atleast need to try but be aware and careful or what ?

Q: Can we Leave someone that we Love just based on realistic thoughts - A: Well Sometimes we should but it is very difficult....cause the heart beats the brain 99 times (or so) out of 100. Maybe after some painful experiences there is a way to make the balance more realistic, but not when Love works and others just advice you.

Q: Can Love hurt ? A: I am definitely sure.OK if 2 people Love eachother and there is circumstances that part them then it might hurt (Romeo And Juliette), but if 2 people Love eachother and take care of eachother with healthy Love and without any tragic circumstances then Love should only create Joy. I am sure about this....if there is a balance and you talk and communicate with eachother then Love will triumph.

Q: How do I handle tragic ciscumstances when I am in Love A: hmmm beats me....

Q: Others talk make you leav your Love? A: Auch, ask your BeLoved instead...just make sure if he/she tells you the truth or not...

Please share you thoughts ..maybe we discover somekind of truth ?

THX 4 reading

fredag 9 oktober 2009

Feelings in Second Life

Be careful out there..or in there maybe ?
I mean in SL (Second Life) off course - where feelings get bigger than you would expect.

When STYXL entered the SL world, he met other avatars that had fallen in LOVE.
Fallen in LOVE inside SL ? What ?
STYXL only saw graphicallly created avatars and that felt
quite "clinical" at the beginning. Bah fall in LOve with an avatar ? No way...
(Avatar Selma Edman can give feedback on his quite obstinate approach)

Soon he realized that avatars has real human beings behind the graphical creation that moves around in SL. Normal scientists explain that the written words in a chat only gives you around 7% of the communication necessary. OK then you add voice in some cases, but still you dont have the real bodylanguage to get the right connection to. And still people fall in Love..really in Love. STYXL can admit that somehow feelings get strong an intensive inside SL.

Whats the explanation to this ? Well what is the explanation ?
What Could it be:
- Avatars tend to be beautiful and look very sexxy so there are no flaws to get annoyed at.
- Bodylanguage can be quite charming with very advancead AOs that make your beautiful avatar to move as you wish.
- The SL experience is very exciting with fantastic SIMs and adventures. Not the ordinary daily RL (Real Life) experience in a routine manner. Its easy to get carried away....
- There is a direct connection..You are both in SL and this is a connection that matters..a mutual interest. Also bonding since it is probably not public that you are in there...making out LOL

Somehow this boosts feelings and you get very fast developments and much shorter and intensive time cycles than in RL.

Still, the end to this short story is that it is probably the same things that kill relations in SL as in RL. The same humans behind and the same reasons...just that it gets much more intens and faster cycles...

Be careful in there...


torsdag 8 oktober 2009

The STYXL blogg

Here we go.

Styxl isnt supposed to be the blogging kind. Thats not the general idea with the avatar STYXL.
Though sometimes there is a need to get somethings communicated and hopefully there will be someone who reads the STYXL blogg at these rare events..*LOL*
So here is My new Blogg ...

Thx for reading this...